Song list editor

The song list defines the order in which the patterns will be played, the length of the music, the looping step. For each position, you can choose a level of transposition. Music always starts at song list number 00.

Steps beyond the length of the music (in dark color) are saved with the music.

Keyboard functions

Key Function
Esc Leave song list editor
right Move cursor
left Move cursor
up Move cursor
down Move cursor
f1 Go to first position
f3 Go to last position (song length)
Return Set music length (song length) at the current position
Space Set music looping step (song “loop to”) at the current position
Shift + up Increase value
Shift + down Decrease value
Control + up Increase value (pattern+8)
Control + down Decrease value (pattern-8)
Control + n Replace the pattern number with the number of the first empty pattern available
Del Clear the current value (set to 0)
f0 Insert one position
f. Remove one position