Main tools used

  • Maxam native assembler from Arnor Ltd.
  • vasm assembler from Volker Barthelmann and Frank Wille
  • ACE Amstrad emulator for MorphOS and Haiku
  • WinAPE Amstrad emulator for Windows
  • Reaper digital audio production application and its JSFX audio effect programming framework
  • LZ4 lossless compression algorithm form Yann Colletand its adaptation for Z80 LZ48 by Roudoudou
  • ZX0 lossless compression algorithm from Einar Saukas


  • The Soundtrakker from BSC and STarKos from Targhan
  • The tracker-type digital audio station Renoise for inspiration and concepts
  • PulkoMandy for his tests and suggestions on ergonomics. OffseT, e-dredon and AsT for their tests
  • RickD for hosting this site