About Soundtracker DMA

Soundtracker DMA is a music composition software for Amstrad Plus, a computer built on the same basis as the “classic” Amstrad CPC (8bit Z80 processor, AY-3-8912 sound generator, etc.) enhanced thanks to an ASIC. Soundtracker DMA takes advantage of CPC+ audio DMA lists and the editor also benefits from improved graphic capabilities (4096 color palette, hardware sprites). Audio DMA lists allow to program audio chipset without CPU usage and produce sounds and effects with much less CPU load.

The goal of this tool is to create musics that play using few CPU cycles, but allow AY-SID and AY sample sounds. The design choices of the Soundtracker DMA aim to minimize CPU time required to replay the music outside the editor, so that the music can be used in demos or games.

Two DMA channels are used (one for the SID, one for the samples), the third is left free for the application which embeds the music.

The editing software runs on Amstrad 6128 Plus - 128KB of memory is required - while the music itself can be played on the entire Amstrad Plus range (GX4000 included).

This documentation applies to v2.0 which is a complete overhaul of v1.0.

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