File Version Description 2.0 Soundtracker DMA files and DSK. Also includes the modules listed below.



File Author Description
CRTC3 main

CRTC3 credits
Zik/Futurs' Musics of CRTC3 demo by Roudoudou (lien)
Sounds slightly different from that of the demo, the tool having evolved since.
Demo song
Zik/Futurs' Short demo music
Flimbo's Story
PulkoMandy Adaptation of the introductory music of Flimbo's Quest composed by Reyn Ouwehand
PulkoMandy Adaptation of Gem'X music composed by Chris Huelsbeck

The audios were recorded on Amstrad 6128 Plus.


File Author Description Madram, modified by Zik/Futurs' Compress and replay a music in your application with this tool based on AYC toolkit.