You will find here definitions of some specific terms used in this documentation and in the software.


List of notes to be played and the effects to be applied. It is a representation of the musical score.


The song-list is the music pattern sequencer. It defines the order in which the patterns are played.


Type of sound timbre inspired by the possibilities of the C64 and named after its sound chipset. This adds to the range of sounds available natively. It is produced by merging two sound waves.


In this context, it is an audio sample of 4 bit logarithmic resolution, at 15625Hz rate and stored as an d'AY-list (with pause unit at 0).


Broken chord often played in a loop.

software sound

This is the standard sound of the PSG of the CPC, ie. a square wave whose amplitude and period (note) can be programmed. Three sound generators are available, one for each channel (left, middle and right).

SW stands for “software”.

hardware sound

CPC PSG can generate one volume envelope (and only one at a time). Its shape (dent de scie, triangle…) and period can be programmed. A very short period allows a note to be heard instead of a volume envelope.

HW stands for “hardware”.


Programmable Sound Generator. On CPC, it is an AY-3-8912 sound chip.