Disc operations

Selecting “Discop” entry of the main menu leads to this submenu:

Output filename is generated from the name of the object (sample, instrument or music). The song module file name is generated from the music title.

It is therefore not possible to save an object or the music until it is named.

File types

Filenames have the following extensions:

  • SDM for a song module (a music)
  • SDI for an instrument
  • SDD for for a sample and its aliases
  • SDS for an export stream

The filename extension is used to filter catalog entries based on the type of file to load.

Load song

Clears the current music and loads the selected music module file.

Load instrument

Loads the instrument to the location selected in the list.

:!: Warning: overwrite the instrument if there is one. You must therefore first choose the location in the list, then start loading.

Load sample

Loads the sample to the location selected in the list. If the file contains aliases, they will be loaded in the following free locations.

:!: Warning: overwrite the sample if there was one. You must therefore first choose the location in the list, then start loading.

Save song

A music module (“save song”) includes all the objects, including those which are not actually used in the music. That is to say all sequences, all samples, all instruments and all patterns.

Export song

The “export” submenu allows to export the music in order to use it in your application. It generates a stream of values to be programmed to the audio chipset registers. In addition to the stream, the file contains the properties of the music (title, author, comments…) and only the samples used by the music.

More details on the export page.

:!: The export is only there to use the music outside the editor and it is not possible to load an export in the editor. Do not forget to save the music (“save song”) to be able to reload and modify it.

Save instrument

Save the instrument selected in the list.

Save sample

Save the sample selected in the list as well as all its aliases.

Keys for file selection

After selecting the load of a file, during the file selection (catalog):

Key Function
Esc Cancel file selection
Del Go up one directory level (Unidos)
up Move cursor
down Move cursor
Space Select current item

Keys during export

In export submenu, during stream save:

Key Function
Esc Cancel file save